Brutal guitar tones, screeching feedback, peaking distortion, yelling at a decibel level almost unimaginable, if you don’t like your music heavy then you should go right along to another post because Uniform’s ‘Tabloid’ is a chaotic three minutes of utter auditory onslaught.

The first time I heard ‘Killing Joke’ and ‘NIN – The Downward Spiral’ I remember thinking, “How can you be so heavy and lock it all up so tight”. Well Uniform take that impression to an unrelenting level, smashing your ears with the heaviest industrial punk sound humanly possible all while in complete cohesion.

Man this gets me pumped!


Pre-Order, Uniform – ‘Wake in Fright’ LP out 01/20/17 via Sacred Bones.

Follow Uniform @uniform_nyc

Record Label: Sacred Bones Records



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