Famous for their one shot video clips, OK Go thrust themselves into the limelight back in 2006 with the release of their viral treadmill dance for ‘Here It Goes Again’. Since then the band has uploaded countless viral video’s and making of documentary’s to their YouTube channel, collectively accumulating hundreds of millions of views.

Pretty much, if you haven’t seen an OK Go video clip by now you must be living in a cave. Which is why the latest parody clip from AJJ, ‘Goodbye, Oh Goodbye’ is so ridiculously on point.

Featuring the band donning an assortment of colored tees, AJJ take off OK Go with pinpoint accuracy in a hilarious one shot parody clip that sees some of the worst choreography in human history, a man dressed as a chicken interviewed about his day job and some insightful behind the scenes footage about how this challenging clip was made.

Check out the AJJ’s new clip – ‘Goodbye, Oh Goodbye’

Record Label: SideOne Dummy

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