Who said punk was dead? Punk’s not dead, it’s just got a new accent and thrives in the southern cities of Australia. When you think of all the Aussie punk rockers kicking ass at the moment Luca Brasi (Hobart), The Bennies, The Smith Street Band (Melbourne), it was only a matter of time until a band from Adelaide would show up to the party to show the world what they are made of. That band is The Hard Aches.

After the successful release of their first record ‘Phermones’ (2015), the South Australian duo have wasted no time getting back in the studio, cementing their name into the foundations of Australia’s unique brand of punk rock. Sounding bigger and badder than ever, their new record ‘I Freak Out’ is a short and sweet collection of tracks that deal with subjects like depression, relationships and alcoholism. But as always, there is an upside to punk rock. With The Hard Aches providing classic upbeat guitar riffs and lyrical anthems like ‘Glad That You’re Gone’ that deserve to be belted out at the top of your lungs.

Glad That You’re Gone – “I planned to be, dead and buried, by my mid my mid to late twenties, but I guess not I’ve lived longer than I thought I could, and I’ve done better than I thought I would”

Honestly though… amongst all the catchy guitar riffs and belt worthy lyrics, the only complaint I have is that I don’t want it to end. With a run time of only 20 minutes, you really are only just getting into the album by the time it’s all over. That said though, I guess it’s just like the last episode cliff hanger on your favorite TV show. It might be another year until the next episode, but when it finally comes it’s going to be better than ever. Let’s hope, they don’t keep us waiting that long.

The Hard Aches – I Freak Out: Out Now via Anchor Head 

How It Stacks Up
3.6  ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊

Stand outs

I Freak Out
Glad That You’re Gone

Record Label
Anchor Head

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