The Drones are the kind of band that make your bones rattle and your body spasm. I mean this in the best way possible though. With powerful lyrics and huge guitar riffs that give you an uppercut to the jaw every time you hear them. I knew this already, so, I should have known better than to listen to their new album for the first time in a dental chair.

It was 8am in the morning and I was booked in to the dentist, for a root canal in fact. I had literally just heard Taman Shud on the radio for the first time, and it had got me pumped as fuck to hear the rest of the album – Feelin’ Kinda Free. So naively, I decided to sit down in the dentists chair and hear it out for the first time. A pretty regretful error on my behalf in hindsight.

It’s kind of ironic that the first track of the album is called Private Execution, because that is exactly what I felt like I had walked into. As the drills ramped up in the chair, my ear canals instantly began to take a brutal, brutal beating from inside and out. A perfect chaos of loud, obnoxious guitars, slow and dirty beats and the intense sound of the dentists drill spitting out tiny flakes of my teeth. It kind of fit in to the music perfectly to be honest, but it wasn’t pleasant. The dentist never is but all this sound made me feel physically sick with dread. Then the lyrics came in clear as day, “the best songs are like bad dreams”. Oh the irony of it all made me feel like laughing and crying all at the same time. It was about this time I realise I’ve still got another 40 minutes of this, what a fucking ignorant dip shit decision I had made. But I stuck it out for the rest of the album.

Immense dread is now what I associate with Feelin’ Kinda Free. I can honestly say this was one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable experiences I have ever had… utter torture. Bloody beast of a record though.

How It Stacks Up

4.2  ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊ 


  • A Private Execution,
  • Taman Shud
  • Boredom,
  • Shut Down SETI

Record Label 


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