A pretty melody isn’t always meant for pop songs, so when you find an artist that’s willing to warp one to the point it almost becomes unpleasant, it can often feel like the melody is hanging for dear life while it struggles to resolve and find its balance. If however, you’ve got the gonads to do this in your music, the journey of a song (or a record) becomes like a jigsaw as you can hear the music stressing to find the right piece to fit over the dissonance.

This might be a rather long winded way to describe Petridisch’s ‘A Fixed Point’ when I could have said something more like “A Fixed Point’ sounds like a texturally rich and structured version of ‘Boards of Canada”. But this EP plays on this dissonant counterpoint idea so much it’s hard to ignore.

While you might have noticed previously I said these techniques can become “almost unpleasant”, it really is a testament to the compositional skills of Petridisch to make this actually work in a way that is still musically engaging. While songs like ‘In The Black’ there is so much going on both harmonically and rhythmically that it really does becomes hard to concentrate on anything at all, songs like ‘Operation Interlude’ offer euphoric resolve that provides a new take on how these dissonant techniques can provide song progression in a contrasting way to what is heard in other songs on the EP.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend putting this on at a party, If you’re like me and enjoy a sonic journey that challenges what music can be, ‘A Fixed Point’ is that welcome outlier that you need to hear every so often to remind you that the mundane monotony of popular music isn’t all that music has to be.

How It Stacks Up:  6 / 10

Stand Outs:

In The Red
Operation Interlude

Record Label: I Heart Noise

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