Sometimes you just need to make room in your life for some really aggressive and loud music, especially when there are synthesizers involved. Having the ability to raise your anxiety levels to the extreme, Odonis Odonis are more comparable to an industrial-garage punk band than anything else you’d normally expect to hear from a vocal heavy group with an arpeggiated synthesizer.

Although their latest record ‘Post Plague’ has more than just one stand out (‘Pencils’, ‘Needs’ and ‘Nervous’ to name a few) their opening track ‘Fearless” is the track for me that sets the tone. Introducing the record with an arpeggiated synth, the song builds to the beat of clamping machinery while terrifying harmonics swell and bend through a noisy sonic landscape.

Watch – ‘Fearless’ – Odonis Odonis

As if being lost in a traumatic trance for a minute and a half, the lyrics “Conscious, barely conscious” open the record fittingly through a haze of distortion as if to draw attention to the feeling that you had just awoken to the experience of a thudding headache after a big night out on the turps.

It might sound like I don’t like it, but you’d be wrong… Like I said, sometimes you just want to listen to music because it hurts so good.

Record Label – Felte

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