If you’re the kind of person who loves a good mystery, then get your head around North Downs as soon as possible because at this point they are pretty much nothing but a myth.

At the time of writing this post, North Downs have uploaded exactly two posts to their Facebook profile and are following exactly zero people on Twitter, but for some reason I really don’t think these guys are just your average band starting out for the first time.

NDTWITOver the last 24 hours North Downs have quietly been making ripples all over the net but other than that, when you look for any information on them you can’t find anything. Their debut song ‘Nothin’’ is the only thing that features on their social media and their website at this point so save yourself the time, because at this point there is literally no information about who this band actually is anywhere.

So far all we know about them from a vague band bio provided to Indie Obsessive, is that they’re from the UK and presumably from their music and their Facebook profile, they may be a three piece. Other than that we really know “Nothin’”.

Accompanied by a link to their debut single, their first tweet reads “And so it begins…” and with such a curios introduction, you kind of get the feeling that these guys have done this all before in some form or another because when you listen to their debut track, these guys are polished as fuck.


Even from the dark ambient intro, Nothin’ proves that it is something worthy of paying attention too from its production quality alone. With a smooth crooning vocal which is supported with a filthy round bass and crisp drum groove. The song bops you along to a menacing upbeat drum pattern that mirrors the sounds of the synth in a way that is almost haunting. It’s actually one bloody great song.

All I can say is that I’m eager to hear/learn more because with a debut release that is this well produced and a social media stunt so mysterious, you can only expect something big.

Like I said, if your in the the mystery of it all get on to North Downs quick.

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