Set to the tune of a few simple piano chords and a deep swelling drone of quivering noise, the Danish group Lowly’s track ‘Deer Eyes’ sets the scene of a magical escape from the mundane. Shuffling along to the intricately laid back grooves of drummer Steffen Lundtoft, its easy to get lost in Lowly’s heavenly vocal melodies and ever-changing leads as the song progresses like a well told story into its cinematic chorus that will instantly bring you to a state of euphoria.

Paired like good cheese with wine, ‘Deer Eyes’ video clip is equally as fascinating. Cast over a black backdrop, the clip features an artistic collective of digitized porcelain figurines spinning and dancing to a choreographed routine as the images begin to beautifully warp to the pulse of the music.

Lowly’s new album ‘Word’ is due to drop February 10th next year.
Check out Lowly’s video clip ‘Deer Eye’s

Record Label – Bella Union
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