If you like giants like Godzilla, telepathic super powers and Kung Fu Ninja’s, its not going to be hard for you to love this clip from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Harnessing the the power of rock n’ roll, People – Vultures sets a giant super power wielding vulture against a bunch of evil super villains in the middle of woop woop Australia.

This clip is awesome, it’s everything rock and roll should be. Fun, ludicrous and epic. To be honest it’s probably one of the best video clips of the year. The only real off putting thing about this video clip is its striking similarity toΒ My Chemical Romance’s clip Na Na Na Na. Just saying. What do you think, are they similar?

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na Na

Both are set in the desert, both are a story of a band waging battle against against a clan of evil laser wielding super villains. Just chance, or has King Gizzard taken some inspiration from the old comeback Emo’s My Chemical Romance...? Don’t say Na.

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