You know that feeling when you look up from your phone and you’re hit with the realisation that hours have passed and you haven’t done anything with your day? Or when weeks pass you by and the only thing of any significance you can remember doing in the last month is going to work, watching a shitty reality show and then going back to sleep? It’s these mundane thoughts and everyday rituals of life that have acted as the catalyst for Kinds Of Light debut EP ‘Live-In Fiction’.

Harbouring sonic elements that twist psychedelic pop-rock into floating, dreamy landscapes, the opening track ‘Sundrops’ deals with the notion of passing through the day oblivious to the beauty of world around you – “sleep walking as the sun drops”. Introducing the record with a swell of reverberant keys, ‘Sundrops’ quickly pulls you into its grips with a commanding bass line before loosening up to unveil layer upon layer of melodic textures that seem never-ending the more intently you start to listen.

‘Jarred’, the second track on ‘Live-In Fiction’ brings back the tempo to a slow dance while persisting to provide enough sonic ear candy to keep you swooning. Featuring instrumentation previously not heard in ‘Sundrops’, a slow deep synthesized bass is mixed in subtly underneath constant swells of warped guitars, harps and synths that let the vocal lines float comfortably in the mix.

Given that this record was recorded in a Birmingham basement, it’s at this point that I think I should mention the production quality on this record as being a massive credit to Kinds Of Light and the sound they are trying to create. Without overdoing it, the drums are full and breathing within the perfect setting of reverb and delay while the bass is tight, round and just deep enough to give you that feeling of 70s groove. Building on the foundations of these instruments, the guitars and melodic ideas are forever in your peripherals sometimes without notice while the delivery of the vocals means that you the harder you listen to more you discover.

Channeling the likes of Tame Impala and Bowie, Kinds of Light solidify their sonic form in ‘Holiday Song’ as it sways through beautiful guitar tones and synthesized melodies that at times remind me of the band Air. This ambience is tastefully channeled all the way through to the final track, and my personal favorite track on the album ‘Egosphere’ which sees the band go all out elaborating on their sound for six and half minutes taking the time to jam and explore the possibilities of their craft whilst tying in the previous four songs into one cohesive EP.

How It Stacks Up – 6.8 / 10

Stand Outs:

Holiday Song


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