Melbourne based three-piece Odd Souls may not have shown up on your radar just yet but if you’ve been around Melbourne’s CBD in the last few months, there’s a good chance you’ll know who they are. Pitching their tent on Bourke St, Odd Souls have been busy pulling the pennies together to record their debut EP with a live show designed specifically for the streets.

Possessing a sound that is just as likely to make you swoon as it is groove, we caught up with Odd Souls lead singer Matt to talk about smashing cymbals on cement, their latest clip for debut single ‘Images’ and the release of their first 6 track EP ‘Visuals’ out November 4th.


METRATONE: Hey Matt, thanks for having a chat with us, how have you been?

ODD SOULS: No problems bro, all good, all good….

METRATONE: That’s great! Well if it’s alright with you let’s get into it.

ODD SOULS: Sweet, Let’s do it!

METRATONE: On your Facebook you list yourselves as “D.I.Y and proud”, how do you think busking has played to your favor as an Independent band?

ODD SOULS: Well… Just how much freedom you have I guess. Being independent you’re not tied to anything so you can really just do whatever you want. That’s the good thing about busking, we can just go out and busk whenever we want without having to make plans… We can go out and do a late night show until 10 o’clock at night and that’s fine… It’s a lot less involved if you just go about it yourself.

METRATONE: You guys have got just over 1500 fans on your Facebook and you haven’t even released an EP yet! Do you think the all the busking is helping you get your music out there?

ODD SOULS: 100% definitely…. the majority of our income has actually come from busking… and people love it they keep coming up to us in the street and their like “oh I bought your [Demo] CD last week and I’m still listening to it” or sometimes even a couple of months later someone will come up to us like “I’m still listening to your CD”. In terms of the social media I guess we just take a sign out with our name on it which yeah, brings people to our social Facebook. It’s great because It kind of brings us closer to them when we’re not on the street but I mean you’re always seeing a new face, you’re always getting a new person coming up to have a chat… It’s just the beauty of busking I guess, you’re always playing to someone new.

METRATONE: But even on your social media you seem to constantly have people hitting you up as well…

ODD SOULS: Yeah… and that’s all come from busking too. We will play like a half hour set and then we’ll chat to like 10 different people about music or what we’re doing and so far everyone has been really supportive so they chuck us a like on Facebook and get in contact like “I met you in the street this week, you guys were really cool, I really hope you guys go somewhere” it’s kind of heartwarming

METRATONE: It’s definitely a different way to do it.

ODD SOULS: Yeah, and there’s a real community with other buskers as well… You meet other buskers and you start talking to them or working with them and everyone just wants to help each other out. Like the other day I forgot some leads and another busker said “Hey, don’t worry I’ve got a couple of spare ones” and let me borrow them for the day. So you meet new artists and new people and everyone is really humble.

METRATONE: So for people who haven’t seen you, you’ve have made quite an image for yourselves with your drummer laying out his cymbals on the street when you play. Can you tell us about that?

ODD SOULS: Yeah, It’s very unique… it’s kind of a new style of drumming. I mean when we’re in the studio and when we play live he plays on an actual drum kit but when we busk it’s kind of a cool busking design that he came up with. Well… he got it from another busker and then just started working on his own style and adding his own things to it… But people are amazed by it, especially little kids… they all get really involved and are genuinely amazed by what he is doing. It’s Just a new way of drumming I guess.”

METRATONE: It’s kind of taking that bucket drumming idea to the next level isn’t it?

ODD SOULS: I mean yeah absolutely, that’s kind of what he’s taken it from but he’s using a snare and his tom with a couple of cymbals as well…. He use to play with buckets, but he got rid of that idea and started using towels to mute the drums to give them a bit of a different sound.

METRATONE: You’ve got a new clip for your debut single ‘Images’ that actually features your drummer Alex on his street kit…. It’s sort of done in the style of an animated painting or something. What was the inspiration behind that? [ Video is no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances :( ]

ODD SOULS: So yeah it’s actually all an animated movie which we green screened in and everything else came digitally after that. All the photos are real still images that have been motion tracked to get that affect… We actually came up the idea for the video clip after we did a bunch of drugs haha, I mean all the themes in the video clip came from what we were seeing at the time.

METRATONE: haha, yeah you can actually see that now that you say it… but how did you guys actually achieve it? Who did it?

ODD SOULS: Well it was actually our old manager at the time, he did it for us. The whole process took about 5 months, he had to learn everything from scratch and it took him ages but he did finally manage to get it all together and basically turned it into what it is now.

METRATONE: It kind of reminds me of the Tool’s ‘Vicarious’ video clip when they travel into the baby’s brain with all the geometric shapes.

ODD SOULS: Yeah, well the song is basically all about the mind and perception with all the different concepts of reality. It’s kind of about your main form of reality… like you’re not always together with it really so everything is going on whilst you’re trying to comprehend it all. Actually a lot of the songs on the EP are about the concept of mind and images in different scenarios I guess… but yeah, that’s basically what Images is about. Like when I say “compiling an order to an episode” it basically means like taking images that you’ve seen or perceived from your day-to-day life and making sense of them all so you can live it out for yourself… and that’s sort of how you perceive reality isn’t it? But I mean everyone has their own perception of what they want to achieve in reality so I guess it can really be taken into any form, however anyone wants to perceive it… It being anything you want it to be… Does that make sense?

METRATONE: *Deep thought in silence* Yeah… I think I get it.
METRATONE: So what’s next for Odd Souls?

ODD SOULS: Well we have another video coming out soon for a song called ‘Caller’. It’s got a pretty different vibe than Images, It’s more about a breakup than happy drug fun life I guess so it’s a little more serious. The video clip is just about two people but one of them isn’t part of the story anymore even though they still imagine that person to be there. So that is coming out this week and the EP will be coming out two weeks after that.

METRATONE: You sound pretty busy…

ODD SOULS: Yeah we’re trying to keep ourselves busy.

METRATONE: So any chance you’ll be coming to Sydney anytime soon?

ODD SOULS: Yeah, we are definitely planning on coming interstate at some point, I mean potentially we might even do a whole east coast tour at some but at the moment it’s kind of on the “to do list”. I think it will be something that will more likely go down in the new year but at the moment we’re just going to stick around Melbourne until we get a little bit more of a following here and use that as a goal to move onto the next city and the next city after that… As well as doing a few busks in those cities as well.

METRATONE:  Yeah right… That’s probably something you guys can do that a lot of other bands can’t.

ODD SOULS: Well yeah it’s actually great for us, it’s a really good way to get our name out there and you can do it anywhere. I mean some cities do have restrictions on busking but it’s definitely something that we are looking into as well, but again probably not until the New Year.

METRATONE:  Well we’ll be looking forward to seeing you up this way soon. Thanks for the Chat.

ODD SOULS: Yeah man no worries, we’re looking forward to it.



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