For me ambient music is a genre that I just generally find hard to connect with. Although it certainly does have its merits, I find it presents itself more often than not as a collection of abstract noises all thrown together in a heap. Wolfgang Voigt’s – GAS project ‘POP’ however does not fall into this category. It invites you into its own interstellar world before unveiling itself as something you would more likely hear in a deep underground rave cave than an art gallery installation.

I stumbled upon POP on a quiet night in scrolling through Youtube. Lights dimmed, beer in hand. It seemed to manifest itself almost purposefully between ‘The Moog Cookbook” and Bonobo’s album ‘Sweetness’ in Youtube’s recommendations. I was instantly intrigued as to what this might sound like so I decided to give it a listen.

For the next hour I was caught in a musical trance. My consciousness wandering through the albums many musical landscapes. As an ambient project, it sets up a scene within each song that conjure mental images, from untouched rain forests to long forgotten underwater realms. It was only after a short twenty minute hiatus, lost from reality that I actually heard the subtle thud of a kick drum. It’s this blur of ambient noises that are so brilliant in their harmonic arrangement, that makes you completely unaware of where the pulse of the song actually is until you hear it. But once you hear it, you will latch on to it because it’s almost impossible to detach yourself from it. It’s what takes this album from an collection of abstract noises and creates something unique than just an ambient record.

For me, I think GAS’s POP achieves something few can. It brings the ambient genre back into a modern musical setting. I have tried to find this album everywhere online, but so far I can only find it on Youtube so check out the link. Who knows maybe Youtube might recommend you something that will take you on a musical trip of your own.

How It Stacks Up

3.5  ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊ ◊

Stand Outs.

Track 4

Track 7

Record Label

Mille Plateaux

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