Enjoying over a decade of music and having never previously released a body of work shorter than a full length. Old school Brighton boys Fujiya & Miyagi are showing the new kids how the EP game is played, releasing their second EP (EP2) of what will eventually become a complete 3-EP set.

Riding on the capable shoulders of thick English accented David Best and his incredible command of syllabic articulation, each track on EP2 straddles the unique Fujiya & Miyagi formula that makes the band’s style “to electronic to be rock, to rock to be electronic” (Extended Dance Remix).

Starting off with the fast paced ‘Outstripping (The Speed Of Light)’, the bands catchy synth hooks, vigorous bass lines, tight drum grooves and funky guitar licks effortlessly coast between heavier rock vibes and electronic build ups before finally ending up with the arpeggiated tremors of “Extended Dance Remix’.

Check out Fujiya & Miyagi’s latest EP2 and keep an eye out on their website for EP3, out soon.

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Track Listing:
Outstripping (The Speed Of Light)’
Extended Dance Remix

How It Stacks Up:

3.7 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊

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