It doesn’t matter if they’re new or old, every Friday Metratone posts 5 songs worth hearing to kick your weekend off. There’s a massive range of styles this week but there’s only one band from overseas, so well done Australia. Let us know what tracks you’re digging in the comments.

Light Entertainment – ‘Tableux’

Sydney’s own Light Entertainment is the polar opposite of what you’d expect from the name, ripping saxophones, calculated blues riffs, progressive song progressions, all locked into a tight rhythm section that is as in the pocket as it gets. These guys are ones not to be taken lightly, with only two tracks from their debut album released as of yet there’s plenty more madness to come and it’s sure to not disappoint.


Grumbling Fur – ‘Heavy Days’

Shout out to Mislav in Metratones Audioemporium Facebook group for chucking this one up. With four records under their belt now Grumbling Fur remind me of something between the cheerier side of Depeche Mode and the Flaming Lips. Playing with some really English sounding gang vocals, the instrumentation and depth in their songs is plenty to sink into on a Friday.

Baldwins – ‘Goldbrick’

With their EP ‘Fear of Flying’ coming out on the 15th of August, its about time Australia got a “big band” to compete with Fat Freddies Drop from NZ. But, when I say “big band” I literally mean an 8 piece monster with guitars, bass, drums, brass sections and a singer that has got phrasing like Erykah Badu. Grab a partner and enjoy the company of Baldwins.

Mt. Mountain – ‘Dust’

Hailing from a Perth where there are presumably no mountains what-so-ever, Dust is the first track from their latest record ‘Dust’. Coming in at a whopping 17 mins, Dust lets you feel at peace with the sounds of padding drums calm guitars and flutes before ripping your bloody head off when you least expect it. It’s not for everyone but well worth the trip.

Jungle Giants – ‘Bad Dreams’

The chorus in this song is one of the catchiest things I’ve heard all year. As simple as the bass line is, the guitar phrasing so goddamn perfect that it hooks you in and leaves you hanging out for more…

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