Every Friday Metratone posts 5 songs worth hearing to kick your weekend off. After a week off we’re doing some soul-searching this time around with experimental tracks and a taste testing course for the seasoned palate.

Gel-Sol – ‘The Magician’s Sojourn’

Born out of a cataclysmic rupture between samples and live instruments, ‘The Magician’s Sojourn’ is a seven-minute epic written and performed by composer Andrew Reichel under the moniker Gel-Sol. Taking you the journey of “The first true spaceman” if you’re into artists like Public Service Broadcasting or Floating Points Gel-Sol is going to blow you away with his latest record dropping 19/09 via Verses Records.

Mermaidens – ‘Sunstone’

Hailing from across the ditch Mermaidens is currently off the back of their latest release ‘Perfect Body’ which is definitely one of the more interesting releases of the year. This track ‘Sunstone’ is one of my favourites from the record because it just has everything in it. Brutally aggressive at times, beautiful at others, this track gives and gives all the way to the end.


Prana Crafter – ‘At Agartha’s Gate’

Self-described woodland dweller Prana Crafter delivers his own version of understated psychedelic folk-rock in ‘At Agartha’s Gate’. Contemplative and peaceful when paired with the imagery of this simple yet beautiful film clip it’s easy to let yourself drift away in your own thoughts and even consider becoming a woodland dweller yourself.

Joon Moon – ‘Chess’

Released a few years back this soulful track from Joon Moon’s first record ‘Chess’ is something else entirely. With only a handful of songs under their belt, this particular track is still one my favourites but with their new single ‘Tiger’ released this June, hopefully, there’s a lot more to look forward to from these guys.

The Possé – ‘No Buritto’

It doesn’t get any funkier than this from Sydney based house act from Sydney. Theres just not enough slap bass in the world anymore…

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