Metratone is an ongoing journey of musical discovery hosted by Sydney-sider Brad Eather  (music enthusiast, amateur recording engineer, guitarist, vinyl collector and overall audiophile / gear slut).

Birthed out of necessity from an unrelenting desire to discover, share and support great artists, this site serves as both a creative outlet as well as an online platform in which to contribute and discuss incredible music with like minded people like you.

With musical roots in the metal/punk scenes and a soft spot for analogue synths. Metratone focuses on quality music from a wide range of genres, aiming to unearth the artists that are trying something different and pushing their art further by challenging the possibilities of sonics, composition and music production.

Whether youโ€™re sending in your music, just saying โ€˜Heyโ€™ or hurling us some abuse. Donโ€™t be a stranger, weโ€™d love to hear from you!

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