Oozing with soul-funk groove mixed with 70s rock,  Los Angeles based Chicano Batman’s latest record ‘Freedom is Free’ will make you step away from your gin n’ tonic to swing your hips on the the dance floor with that special someone.

With lush organ textures and euphoric vocal harmonies in songs like ‘Friendship’, songs like ‘Angel Child’ take you back to the 70s with understated bass tones playing sensational grooves underneath fuzzy guitar licks and progressive song structures.

Singing in both Spanish and English, ‘Freedom Is Free’ has got enough substance through to provide for  everyone.


Watch – ‘Freedom Is Free’ – Chicano Batman

Stand Outs:
Friendship (Is a Small Boat in a Storm)
Angel Child
Freedom is Free
Flecha Al Sol


Record Label:  ATO Records

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