Blink 182’s latest video clip for ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’ has just recently been released on YouTube as part of Spotify’s new original series, Flash Frame.

The clip, featuring an almost scene by scene reproduction of the bands earlier videos for ‘What’s My Age Again’ and ‘The Rock Show’, swaps out the Blink boys this time for a couple of streaking female YouTube celebrities and magnifying glass that substitutes for an Ipad…

Now it all might very well be true that Blink are just “paying homage to a certain classic clip that helped catapult the band to early success” as the description on Spotify’s YouTube channel reads, but behind the guise of a bunch of topless girls running around on-screen, it sure as hell just looks as if the band have just completely succumb to an utter lack of creativity.

It’s absolutely no secret to anyone that Blink 182 are well and truly past their heyday, but common guys! Did you really have to go and ruin two of the greatest film clips of all time out of sheer laziness? You could have at least tried to come up with a song that doesn’t chord for chord sound like you’ve just smashed up What’s My Age Again’s verse with ‘The Rock Shows’ chorus.

God dammit! TOOOMMMM When are you going to be done with all this alien crap so you can come back and save Blink before it’s too late!


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