Having spent the last few years cutting EP’s and sinking their teeth into their habitually intricate drum grooves, shoulder dipping bass lines and melodic post-rock guitar licks. English three piece Blaenavon have emerged with a refined musical style the band describes as “Ghost Jazz”.

With a sharp tempo’d groove and a melodic guitar hook that strafes into a swaying chorus of recurrently opening hi-hats, the bands latest offering ‘My Bark Is Your Bite’ flaunts a new conviction in their sound that eerily pairs with a haunting video clip of a crazed assassin stalking the halls of a derelict apartment.

And the best part about all of this? Blaenavon finally look like they’re dropping their first full length soon with a link on their Facebook reading “Open your ears, it’s happening here, another slice of the album pie, My Bark Is Your Bite”. Be sure to keep your eye out for that one.

Watch Blaenavon – My Bark Is Your Bite

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Record Label: Transgressive Records


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