Lush guitar chords coated in spring-verb,
A perfect balance of vocal harmonies seasoned to taste,
What really takes the cake?
It’s Betty & Oswald’s bass…

 Taking ownership of their distinctive sound, ‘Stuck In The City’ is the follow-up from Betty & Oswald’s previous single ‘Schmuck’. With the same retro 80s pop aesthetic, this time the band have laced it with an old school psychedelic rock undertone that will take you back to 70s bass lines of Shocking Blue.

In what is by far the bands most progressive effort to date, ‘Stuck In The City’ has so many awesomely catchy hooks that it’s a shame you’re not given the chance to settle into their individual grooves for longer. Stylistically though, this approach is certainly a step in the right direction for Betty & Oswald but on this occasion, the song feels like they may have just tried to fit a bit more than they can chew into its short three minutes.

Check out Betty & Oswald’s new single ‘Stuck In The City’

Betty & Oswald will be touring the East Coast this November!
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