Being one of my favorite bands from my early childhood it’s hard to believe that it was nearly two decades ago that At The Drive-In called it a day. Hailed as one of the true milestones to come out of those latter post-hardcore days, it’s almost unimaginable that a band like At The Drive-In can come back after 17 years and still hold any cultural significance at all today.

I mean after 17 years… how do you even make a record that still holds true to the original sound? How do you recreate the energy and mindset of a group of people that were 17 years younger the last time they recorded? How do you even contemplate translating a music scene that has almost all but been buried and forgotten in comparison to today’s mainstream? And in light of this, how do you something that is relevant yet still as ballsy as it was in the year 2000?

I must admit… when I first heard that there was a new ATDI record in the works I was a little hesitant as to how they were actually going to manage such a massive feat, but now after hearing the second single ‘Hostage Stamps’ from their upcoming record ‘In•ter a•li•a’, I feel as confident as ever that this record is not just going to be a fart in the wind.

Watch: Hostage Stamps – At The Drive-In

Following on from the first single ‘Incurably Innocent’, ‘Hostage Stamps’ rips into those all too familiar ATDI guitar tones with an epic call and response riff before Hinojos on the bass drags you by the hair right through the verse as the Tony Hajjar takes swipes at your head, smashing the snare drum like it’s never been hit before. Couple that with the rapid schizophrenic delivery of Cedric’s vocal and BOOM! you’ve got a god damn At The Drive-In track that meets all of the above criteria with distinction.

Rest assured after hearing the first two offerings from the album I now feel as if we’re in safe hands as we anticipate the release of In•ter a•li•a some time this year and look get pumped for their Australian Tour in September this year.


Record Label: Rise Records

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