Animated music videos can be some of the most awe inspiring and entertaining video clips imaginable. As an artistic medium it adds another layer to the music that coexists alongside one-another, reinterpreting the story of a song by creating an entirely new and unworldly representation that could otherwise not even be imagined.

When you think of animated music videos that have forged a visual imprint in our collective minds, some of the big ones are Radiohead – ‘Paranoid Android’Daft Punk – ‘One More Time’ or literally just the entire aesthetic of the  Gorillaz in general. So for the sake of this post I thought I would introduce you to some of my favorite artists the gift of animation. Enjoy and remember to support the artist you like by buying their stuff and following them.


Band: Fever The Ghost
Song: ‘SOURCE’
Animator: Felix Colgrave (Australian)


Artist: Lorn
Song: ‘Anvil’
Animator: Geriko


Band: All Them Witches
Song: ‘Dirt Preachers’
Animator: Chad VanGaalen

Artist: Chelou
Song: ‘Don’t Hate On Me’
Animator: Jesse Collette


Artist: Eskmo
Song: ‘We Got More’
Animator: Cyriak

Band: Royal Blood
Song: ‘Out Of The Black’
Animator: Mike Carlo, Ian Miller, Yuri Fain, Sachio Cook, Alex Kwan, Sam Marlo

Although this song isn’t animated the whole way through, the way they do it is just so much fun.

Band: The Middle East
Song: ‘Blood’
Animator: Greedy Hen (Australian)

Artist: Bonobo
Song: ‘Cirrus’
Animator: Cyriak

I’ve put another Cyriak clip in here because his clips are just awesome!

If you know any other great animated clips, post your favorites in the comments!


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