Old or new, every Friday Metratone posts 5 songs we haven’t heard to kick your weekend off. Check out these five absolute crackers that we came across this week

Party Dozen – ‘Puss’

Coming from their recently released album ‘The Living Man’, Sydney two piece Party Dozen combine heavy drum beats with ground shaking sax to create a sound that feels as if it comes from the darkest underbelly of free-form jazz. Dirty and raw “Puss” will gives you a sense of what these guys are all about.

Floating Points – ‘Silurian Blue’

Recording this outside in the Joshua Tree National Park, ‘Silurian Blue’ is my favorite track from Floating Points album “Reflections – Mojave Desert”. With all the reverb captured completely naturally off the environment around them this track breaks out into a 70’s jam that just makes your lips mouth “Wow”!

Civil Lust – ‘2 Even Further’

Sitting somewhere between the sounds of Depeche Mode and Interpol, Civil Lust deserve more attention than they get with their flawless retro production style that drags you back in time to the 80’s post-punk era. But… It’s happening right now!

SunSquabi – ‘Cinnamon (feat. Late Night Radio)’

I found these guys on a really neat site feedbands.com, that essentially prints the records with the most up votes onto vinyl. Although it’s a really cool idea it’s also obviously bringing to the surface some absolutely cracking artists because SunSquabi’s latest record ‘Deluxe’ has got some serious feels.

Songhoy Blues- ‘Badji’

Songhoy Blues manifest this turbulently exciting eclectic vibe on their album ‘Resistance’ that sees some incredible guitar work and the likes of Iggy Pop coming along for the ride


What songs are you hearing for the first time?


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