Old and New, every Friday Metratone posts 5 songs to kick off your weekend!

This week dig deep into the abyss with these 5 hand-picked electronic tracks to kick of your Friday.

Ulrich Schnauss – ‘On My Own’

For me this track muscles up to some of the greats of The Chemical Brothers, pulsing in and out of focus as new melodies peer through a sonic fog this six and a half-minute track is worth every second.

Kixnare feat. Miles Bonny – RKNR

If you’re going to cover Radiohead you better damn well make sure you drop a beast of a track. Released on a limited edition 300 set vinyl (which I feel very lucky to own), this track is most certainly a beast.

Lindstrรธm – I Feel Space

Chuck this guy on when your cooking up a feast… crack it on to start the party… do whatever you want with it just get it pumping through some speakers, any speakers!

Todd Terje feat. Det Glyne Triangel – Maskindans

Machiiiiinnnnnee dance!!! This song has the perfect combination of groove and sheer personality, its aggressive and playful all at once.

Telefon Tel Aviv – Something Akin to Lust

This new track from Telefon Tel Aviv feels dark and sinister and sonically it just immense. It’s not going to get you up dancing, but if you’re feeling a little pissed off with the world just listen to this track as it takes on those feelings of anger and frustration and then lets it all go by the end.

Whats your favorite track?

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