For whatever reason unknown to me, Australia has a talent for producing truly unique artists. Tame Impala, Empire Of The Sun to name a few. These bands are known all around the world not only because they are awesome but because they sound like nothing else out there. Sonically, they are able to create unique worlds within their music and production styles that instantly let you know exactly who you are listening to.

In the past bands like The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd unmistakably had their own sound and I’m not taking away from that. But you have to remember that back then the shear scale of accessible music was minute compared to today. Not to mention they had the luxury of being the some of the first artists ever to experiment with technology we can all now access from our laptops.
What I’m getting at here is this. Today’s an artists search to be something original seems to have become harder and harder if not impossible to achieve. The challenge is to steer away from the pack, to be brave enough to create something that sounds like nothing else, and somehow Aussies keep coming up with the goods.

MOSSY is one of the new guys on the block in this category. His debut EP MOSSY is in a league of its own in both its production and its songwriting. If you were to compare it to something it would have to be some kind of lame metaphor, like witnessing the northern lights on the eve of the apocalypse and just being at utter peace with the whole god dam world burning to the end around you.

Check out his music because for a first start out of the blocks, this is a must listen.

How It Stacks Up 

3.8  ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊


Stand Outs.

  • Electric Chair
  • Waterfall
 Record Label
I Oh You


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