Old or new, every Friday Metratone posts 5 songs worth hearing to kick your weekend off.Β This week we are featuring one big ole’ smorgasbord of eclectic tunes from post-punk to rap and blues to psychedelia. Tell us what your favorite track is in the comments ;).

Hair Die – ‘Back Burning’

Fresh track from Sydney post-punk outfit Hair Die. This is the first track from the band and from what I can hear so far are gearing up for something big toward the tail end of the year .

Sleaford Mods – ‘B.H.S’

Sleaford Mods have been around for some time now performing their stripped back brand of English rap but, to my liking these guys have heap more of a punk sensibility than anything else which really grabs my attention. Although their music can start to feel a little repetitive at times, if you’re behind this track ‘B.H.S’ from their latest record ‘English Tapas’ there’s a lot more quality where this comes from.

WHITE – ‘Living Fiction’

Straight out of the 80’s, Scottish band White channel vibes from legends like INXS to deliver powerful pop-rock songs that are held up by catchy vocals and tasteful guitar stabs and upbeat drum grooves.

Algiers – ‘Cleveland’

For me this particular track reminds me of the music the late Bobby Womack was putting out toward the end of his career and there is no better artist to continue burning that flame than Algiers…. His voice speaks for itself so just listen!

GUM – ‘Deep Razz’

This is one of the more bizarre tracks I’ve come across this week but it doesn’t make it any less worth a listen. Tell me what you think because it’s growing on me.

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