Old or new, every Friday Metratone posts 5 songs worth hearing to kick your weekend off. This week on Friday 5 we have everything from pop-punk to droning rock while featuring a couple of oldies that have got new stuff out as well. Enjoy and let us know what you think of the tracks in the comments below…

Toothless – ‘Sisyphus’

Something about this song is just ridiculously catchy, it takes me back to the days when I was listening to ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’ on repeat. The guitars are light, the vocals are the hook, those were the days when bands made video clips that had the perfect mix of tongue and cheek to suit the pop-punk vibes and it’s back again in ‘Sisyphus’.

Moon Duo – ‘The Death Set’

Imagine your way at the back of a festival stage and all you can hear is that immense slap back of the snare and the guitars sound like they’re far off in the distance. This is exactly the vibes that I get from this song as it repeats in its hypnotic rhythm. I absolutely love the production on the whole record but this song is a must.

The Jensens –  ‘Emotion’

Brissy’s own The Jensens are gifting the local scene with their own personal brand of 70’s soul-funk. Bringing something old into the new, their latest track ‘Emotion’ features lush angelic harmonies, swooning sax solos and soulful organs that make it really, really hard not to get your hips swinging.

Mew – ‘In A Better Place’

I haven’t heard Mew in years but when I saw they were coming to Sydney  in September I naturally decided to check out their new album. I’ll be honest it’s not what I remember loving about them on “And The Glass Handed Kits” which had heaps of exciting guitar riffs and mixed up the grooves of the songs a lot, but regardless they’ve still maintained a sound that is their own and will be great to see live.

Ocean Flaws – ’20:22

I found these guys on twitter and from what I can hear they are making some real nice tunes. This song, in particular, builds up layers upon layer before breaking into an immense jam in the gut of the song, closing out with beautiful female vocals at the end of the track.

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